A Crash Course In Sports PT With Weekly MENTORSHIP To Give You Clarity And Direction In Managing ATHLETE Care...CONVENIENTLY From The Comfort Of Your Home!


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16 CEU Hours (1.6 CEUs)

- Approved By The California & Ohio Physical Therapy Associations -

A Flexible 2 Online Hours/Week, 8-Week Educational Experience

Designed Specifically for Sports Physical Therapists

January 15th - March 12th, 2025 | Virtual Via Zoom

Dear Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant:

Working long days and nights with professional athletes for over a decade and at some of the world’s largest sporting events, I learned critical steps to get more exposure in the specialty of sports physical therapy. The good news is that I’ve put in the work, consolidated the information and now YOU get to benefit from it! You can expedite the knowledge, without the long hours, week after week.... and you don't even have to complete a sports residency or earn a Sports Clinical Specialist certification!

That is why I created my new “Sports PT Kickstarter."

I’ll be sharing the clinical pearls and strategies I learned to manage acute injuries on & off the field, create strength and conditioning programs in professional sports, and what NOT to do with athletes in specific phases of rehab. I’ll be covering it all in this program. 

This program will be unlike any course you’ve taken. Think of this as a weekly “mini-residency” for like-minded and motivated physical therapists from around the country (...and the world). We will be reviewing practical, easy-to-implement strategies that you can use with athletes of all levels wherever you are in your physical therapy career. You’ll be able to approach any athlete's case with confidence, including professional athletes, even if you have no prior experience. Combine clinical pearls and conversations with fellow great minds, and you will have an experience that kickstarts your journey into the sports PT world. 

There are thousands of physical therapists and future physical therapists looking to get a job in the sports world - and a large majority of them are going to have strong resumes and prior sports experience. How will you separate yourself from these candidates? You may be asking yourself one or more of the following questions:

  • You want to get more exposure to sports physical therapy, but you continually struggle with the question, "Where is the best place to start?"
  • You ask yourself, "Should I do a sports residency?"
  • You are reserved about sitting for the SCS certification because you can't get an answer to, "How will a Sports Clinical Specialist certification help me professionally or with future job opportunities?"
  • Your colleagues or employers ask you "Are you going to sit for the CSCS certification?" - but you don't know if you truly need it
  • For many reasons you decided a sports residency was not for you and you often think, "How do I gain sports experience besides a sports residency, obtaining an SCS or CSCS, or attending the same outdated sports CEU courses that don't seem to fit the modern athlete?"
  • You struggle with, "I'm already overwhelmed with clinical practice. How do I find time to take more weekend courses or money to pay for the added costs of flights or hotels?"
  • This resonates with you - "I've already taken the traditional sports CEU courses and they didn't impact my clinical practice as I expected."

Now, if some or all of these apply to you, you're not alone. Most clinicians find it challenging to gain more experience in sports PT.

It is one thing to excel in orthopedics - but if you don't have an understanding of how managing athletes is drastically different than orthopedic patients, then it is difficult to have a successful long-term career path in sports PT.

Would you agree?

But here's the thing:

"I've Spent Over 15 Years Developing & Refining The Most Comprehensive Method For Managing Athletes...And This Is Your Opportunity To Take Advantage Of It!"

So, Who is the "Sports PT Kickstarter" for? 

This online program is perfect for new grad PTs, established PTs, and student PTs/PTAs interested in sports PT.

If you find yourself lost on where to start gaining sports PT knowledge or you want to add more tools to your toolbox, this program is essential for you because you are likely going to encounter athletes in various settings who want your help and your outcomes are going to be directly related to your preparation.

The program takes place online 2 hours per week, over 8 weeks.

Does This Sound Like You:

  • You're tired of being the "let's see how it goes PT" and you want to develop the skillset and confidence to work with more athletes.
  • You work in a setting where you see a lot of orthopedic patients...and you want to know how to become a leading specialist with athletes
  • You are not confident enough to treat and progress athletic injuries - and if you were, your outcomes would be better
  • You are confident enough to evaluate athletes and get people back to exercising - you just lack the SKILLS and strategy to do it right...and seamlessly progress them back to sport (big difference)
  • You know you are a good clinician - but you are not getting the results you want with injuries in the athlete population
  • You are new to creating strength and conditioning programs - and you want to be proactive in achieving better outcomes for your patients
  • You're tired of looking at YouTube videos or Googling to find the solutions for your patients

Not only will this program cover acute injury management and strength and conditioning program design specifically seen in the elite athlete world, but it also includes the rare opportunity to mix and mingle with other sports physical therapists to discuss cases, professional development, and network with other like-minded individuals.

So What Is The Sports PT Kickstarter Online Mentorship Program?

The Kickstarter Program is a comprehensive sports physical therapy program, covering acute injury management, return to sport rehab, and strength and conditioning programming...consolidated into an easily digestible and interactive 2 hours per week, spread out over 8 weeks, via Zoom.

I've listened to your feedback about challenges with traveling and weekend commitments so I designed the program to fit your busy lifestyle.

In the weekly online modules, you will spend two hours with me covering the wide spectrum of topics that you weren’t taught in PT school, including learning how to manage acute injuries, how to program in-depth strength and conditioning cycles that fit your athletes’ timelines, advice on how to carve your best career path, and MORE!

If you want to gain more experience in sports physical therapy but don’t know where to start, you don’t want to miss this! This course is one of the best decisions you will make in your professional career.

It's a 8-week program that has two components:

1. Eight online interactive modules taught by Dr. Chris Garcia and his team

The core of the program is an in-depth module series that you attend weekly. Each of the eight 2-hour modules are packed with proven clinical reasoning and strategy to accelerate your patient outcomes and your career path.

You can attend the modules from the comfort of your home, on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. You'll get full access to the module recording after each session.

2. Ongoing Support From Dr. Chris Garcia

This program is not just about delivering the best information in sports PT. I also want to offer you ongoing support and mentoring in between the weekly classes.

During our time together, you'll get a chance to ask me questions about the information, your challenges with your real-life cases, and questions about your career path.

You will have time to process and implement the information you are learning in the live online modules.

If questions come up between modules, post your question in the forum for the group to try to answer, and I will personally answer it as well. This will give you a chance to test your growing knowledge, as well as interact with and support like-minded sports physical therapists, just like yourself!

The Program Curriculum

Here's What We Will Cover In The Next Few Weeks

Week 1: Foundations of Acute Injury Management

In the first module, we will be covering the essentials and critical steps to take when managing acute injuries that will create the foundation for your future success.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Critical rehab timelines and how to change your approach in the clinic based on the phase of healing
  • When to be more conservative or aggressive with rehab based on the healing stage
  • How to create a roadmap for return to sport decisions as soon as the initial evaluation
  • When to provide taping or bracing modifications for common acute sprains and strains injuries

Week 2: Principles of Acute Injury Management

Once you developed the confidence managing acute injuries in the clinic, you'll gain exposure to emergency medicine and what expect with injuries on and off the field.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Emergency medicine: what to expect and how to prepare
  • On-field coverage: the do's and don'ts
  • Concussion management: what to expect in the clinic

Week 3: Foundations of Rehabilitation and Return To Sports

Now that you've gained confidence managing acute injuries, I'll share how to evaluate and treat some of the most common injuries in sports physical therapy.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Examination, evaluation, and diagnosis of the most common athletic injuries on the field, in the clinic and in the weight room
  • Prognosis, interventions, and outcomes of the most common athletic injuries
  • What mistakes to avoid that will increase injury risk - what most orthopedic PTs do wrong

Week 4: Principles of Rehabilitation and Return To Sports

As you gain confidence and experience with managing injuries, you'll encounter challenging cases when athletes have to return to sport within a short period. When this happens, you need to adjust your plan of care and accommodate soft tissue healing at the same time.

In this module, I share how to confidently approach any injuries within any timeline given.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • How to successfully manage the injured athlete who needs to compete as soon as possible
  • How to change your rehab approach when an athlete is in-season, pre-season, or off-season
  • How to create a plan of care with confidence as soon as the initial evaluation with athletes
  • How to develop appropriately-dosed corrective exercise programs based on presentation and return to sport deadlines.  

Week 5: Foundations of Strength & Conditioning

Now that you know how to manage acute injuries and get athletes back to sport within short timelines, the next step is to create strength programs to keep them stronger and more resilient than ever.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Review common periodization philosophies as the foundation of program design
  • How to create the macrocycle, mesocycle, and microcycle
  • How to design a program based on the athlete's season
  • What to modify based in the strength program with an injured athlete

Week 6: Principles of Sports Performance Enhancement

There are critical parameters and timepoints to include in every strength program design. In this module, I'll share how to properly dose conditioning programs for all phases of the athlete season.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Plyometrics: when to include specific parameters to set your athlete up for success
  • Energy system development: creating the conditioning plan
  • How to program and adjust variables for injured vs healthy athletes
  • Provide fitness modifications for common injuries  
  • How to design a program based on healing timelines seen in common injuries or post-operative cases
  • How to appropriately dose programs based on short return to sport deadlines.  

Week 7: Injury Prevention Screening

Even when athletes are out of pain and have a solid strength program, they are still at risk for injury. Your next step as a sports PT is to identify and screen to mitigate future injuries. This will ensure the athlete has a well-rounded program and is set up for success throughout the year.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Injury prevention strategies and screens
  • How and when to implement screens with uninjured athletes
  • How to analyze the data and what to adjust in their training

Week 8: Professional Roles and Responsibilities

This is where we put it all together. You can now triage acute injuries, get athletes back to sport, and create strength and injury prevention programs.

In the last module, I share the various settings where sports PTs can flourish and what each setting entails. You'll walk away with a roadmap for your career and excited to make a difference in your community and within the profession.

Here are a few things you'll discover:

  • Roles of a sports PT: wearing different hats
  • Sports PT in different settings: professional sports, college, and high school settings
  • Traveling with pro athletes: what to plan and expect 
  • Working in elite sports, professional sports, and beyond
  • Creating your personal professional roadmap within sports PT

By the end of the 8-week program, you'll have the confidence to help athletes in all phases of healing and your outcomes will increase drastically.

What To Expect In The Program

  • The goal is to enhance your ability to clinically manage acute athletic injuries in patients and athletes of all ages who participate in all forms of exercise, such as team sports, CrossFit, running, recreational sports, resistance training, and functional fitness.  
  • Common acute injury types will be covered during this program, including injuries commonly seen on the field, in the clinic, and in weight room. Participants will develop competency in the modifications for people experiencing acute and subacute pain.
  • The goal is to enhance your ability to progress athletic injuries from end-stage rehab to performance in patients and athletes of all ages who participate in all forms of exercise, such as running, recreational sports, resistance training, and functional fitness.  
  • Participants will develop competency in strength and conditioning program design and modifications for people transitioning back to sport.  
  • You will learn how to integrate plyometrics, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and injury prevention into your rehab programs. 
  • And so much more inside eight weeks!

Here Are 3 More Reasons Why The "Sports PT Kickstarter" Is Going To Be Valuable For You And Your Athletes in 2025

  • You'll discover the skills necessary to confidently create and modify key acute injury and strength and conditioning parameters that influence healing timelines as athletes return to sport
  • You'll get the confidence to provide a systematic approach to progressing athletic injuries back to sport with ease
  • We are going to make sure you walk away with a comprehensive strategy to bridge the gap from rehab to performance

If you’re interested in working with me, having a great conversation, and developing your professional skillset in eight weeks, you need to register for this program!

... You’ll walk away rejuvenated with passion for your practice!...

The Program Is Perfect For You, If...

  • You've taken sports PT courses in the past and it didn’t change the trajectory of your career
  • You've thought to yourself there has to be more for you in sports PT besides the SCS, CSCS, APTA sports section, or a sports residency
  • You thought you would be more advanced in your career within the "sports world" by now
  • You feel stuck in a rut or need a kick in the pants and you're looking for the next step
  • You don't want to travel for CEU courses and you're looking for a fantastic sports course
  • You enjoy your weekends and prefer to take a flexible course during the week or watch the recordings at your convenience

Who Should Attend?

Look Below To Find Out...

No matter what setting you're in or how many years of experience you have, we're all trying to do the same patients and athletes beyond pain and bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

Here's who's joining the program:

1. Traditional insurance-based orthopedic/sports setting 

You're tired of convincing yourself that your glorified HEP is a "strength or injury prevention program." You might have even prematurely discharged a few great patients and athletes because you didn't know how to bridge the gap from rehab to peak performance. Now is the time to finally gain the tools so you can be seen as the leading sports specialist in your clinic and community.

2. Clinic director or owner

Now is the perfect time to add wellness programs to your business. Register your staff and improve patient outcomes with the active population. I'll be covering how to get patients to see you with acute musculoskeletal injuries over unnecessary urgent care visits. I'll also review how to structure a strength and conditioning wellness program so you can support athletes in your community and safely back to sport...all while increasing revenue.

3. Sports PT in a collegiate or pro sports setting

Your job is critical to the long-term health of your athletes. I worked in pro sports for over a decade. To maintain good outcomes, communication, and job security, you need to stay at the top of your game with acute injury management, strength programs, and injury prevention screens to keep athletes healthy year-round without injuries.

4. Cash-based PT

Every one of your patients and athletes should have a long-term plan to maintain strength and prevent future injuries so they can get back to exercising, etc. Maybe you've helped athletes get out of pain but you know there's more you can do for them with injury prevention or a true "strength & conditioning" program.

In the program, I will be giving you the skills to be able to manage acute injuries, confidently create strength and conditioning programs, and design injury prevention programs for your respective setting.

You'll be able to take the information back to your clinical setting and quickly improve clinical outcomes.

If you see yourself in any one of these scenarios and you're sick and tired of making excuses on why you can't help people maximize their potential, surpass their goals, and live the healthy life they've always dreamed about...'s time you signed up.

Specifically Designed For PTs Who Want To Gain Experience In Sports PT And Accelerate Their Career Path

Why Should You Sign Up?

7 Reasons To Register NOW...

I know it's tempting to leave it to the last minute to register or "wait" until my next course. Here are the SEVEN reasons why I think you should sign up TODAY.

  • Total immersion in sports-specific content - there is no better way to learn and grow.
  • You're tired of taking the same boring continuing education classes and want to focus on developing your career path, not just clinical skills.
  • You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with (we have a LOT of successful clinicians joining this program). You owe it to yourself to put yourself in the best possible environment of success to give it the best chance of doing even better.
  • Your “toolbox” and “creativity” is what separate you from the rest of the “let’s see how it goes PTs” out there - it is hard to be or keep growing your “toolbox” when you’re in the same environment all day, every day.
  • Passion - the feeling you get just THINKING about getting away from the clinic and spending two hours every week for eight weeks with other people like you. Get rejuvenated about your practice!
  • Come and say hello to me and my team (even if virtual) - it would mean the world to me to hear your journey by the end of the event!
  • You've got nothing to lose - there’s a 100% money back guarantee that means if you’re dissatisfied or you’re not impressed in any way by the end of the second week, we will refund your registration.

Why Other Physical Therapists Took My Mentorship Courses...And Are Now Crushing It In Sports PT

If you're still sitting on the fence about attending, here's what a few physical therapists have to say about why they registered for Dr. Chris's mentorship courses.

"The best part of the Kickstarter course is the format. You really get a chance to absorb what you learned and put things into practice right away. It's by far the best distance learning course I've ever taken and one of the top three continuing education courses I've ever taken in 25 years of practice."

-Andy, Sports Physical Therapist with 25 years of experience

"I am driven to pursue a sports clinical residency following graduation from my physical therapy program. In order to succeed in this specific field, I want to learn from the best. Along with pursuing my SCS, I also plan on getting my certification in strength and conditioning so that I can bolster my knowledge in rehabilitation prevention and preparation for an athlete at all levels. Therefore, the sports PT strength and conditioning content piqued my interest. I gained knowledge on how to build a program for an athlete based on their sport, current injury/condition, and/or personal goals. Learning how to individualize a strength and conditioning program is an ability I now have in my career."

-Anthony, 2nd Year PT Student

"I wanted to focus on improving strength & conditioning design and working towards proactivity vs reactivity when athletes return saying they 'feel great' but would benefit from advanced programming to take them to the next level."

-Luke, Sports Physical Therapist

"I wanted to develop a seamless transition in strength and conditioning for my patients. Meaning, it’s not viewed as a two part “pre and post-PT” with strength and conditioning as “optional” or elite next steps. I wanted to build skills so the vision and timeline (on my end and the patient’s) starts at the eval."

-Jenny, Physical Therapist

"I was interested in pairing the physiological process of strengthening and conditioning with an appropriate timeline and gained insights that I can use to progress myself as well as my patients in their strength and conditioning goals."

-Chris, Physical Therapist

"I improved my process in managing an athlete for a longer period of time than the initial 6-12 weeks where traditional PT stops. My goal was to better verbalize my own process so I can explain it more clearly to athletes and also other providers."

-Jason, Sports Physical Therapist

"I've always liked and appreciated how Dr. Chris approaches explaining treatment and planning. I took the course to learn how to better explain and frame how I approach athletes being a PT/ATC."

-Kristy, Sports Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer in D1 Collegiate Athletics

This Is A No-Brainer With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"Trial" The Program For Two Weeks And If You're Not Happy, Here's What I'll Do...

The Sports PT Kickstarter is 100% risk-free for you to join.

I'm confident you'll LOVE the program - and gain confidence and add more tools to your professional toolbox - that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee...the best guarantee I've ever offered.

Here's how my 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee works. Join the program today and if by the end of the second week time during the event you feel you made a mistake and aren’t receiving value, or are disappointed with the content and experience, you can simply let me know by emailing my customer success team. They'll only ask you for your notes from the program to make sure you actually went through the first two weeks and gave it a try.You’ll receive a full and complete refund for your registration. You must let me know BEFORE THE END OF THE SECOND WEEK to get your refund.

Confirm your seat today. It's an investment in your future professional development.

***If you cancel within two weeks (14 days) of the program, you will not receive a refund but will be given credit to attend my next course (in-person or virtual pass so you can attend remotely) and you'll gain lifetime access to the recordings. This is separate from my 100% money-back guarantee and a full refund will not be provided at any time.

Common Questions

Here Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is it? 

  • A. The Sports PT Kickstarter is an educational experience and is not your typical course. It’s an 8-week online mentorship program perfect for motivated and aspiring sports physical therapists who are looking for something different from traditional courses. This will have a heavy focus on acute injury management, strength & conditioning programming principles, round-table discussions on managing simple and complex case studies, and time to network and brainstorm with me and other professionals in the sports world.

Q. Who is it for?  

  • A. This program is ideal for experienced or novice physical therapists (PT), physical therapist assistants (PTA), and PT or PTA students.

Q. What are the dates and times?

  • A. The program takes place virtually via Zoom, January 15th, 2025 - March 12th, 2025 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PST on Wednesdays).

Q. How does it work?

  • A. Attend 2-hour weekly online modules for 8 weeks on Zoom with an elite group pf sports physical therapists. Gain experience in sports PT with a focus on acute injury management, sports rehab, and strength and conditioning for athletes. Get your questions answered and accelerate your path to success. Join the private forum in between classes to ask questions about real-life cases or the material you just learned.

Q. Why does it exist?

  • A. Dr. Chris created the Sports PT Kickstarter to give aspiring sports physical therapists an opportunity to gain a comprehensive approach to managing athletes without having to do a sports residency, earn an SCS, or rely on outdated sports CEU courses. The program is where motivated clinicians come together to gain the necessary experience in sports PT to enjoy the career they've always dreamed of.

Q. Do I receive CEUs for attending the course? 

  • A. Yes, the course has been approved by the California Physical Therapy Association and Ohio Physical Therapy Association for 16 CEU hours (1.6 CEUs). 

Q. Will the price increase?  

  • A. Yes. The price of the Sports PT Kickstarter online mentorship program will be increasing soon. Please understand that the regular price for this program is $997. If you want to be guaranteed the lowest price of $197 ($800 savings), you should register now.

Q. What if I work, have other commitments, or can't attend every weekly online module?

  • A. You will be able to watch the replays of the online modules as you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

Q. What if I have questions in-between the weekly modules?

  • A. You can ask them in the private group forum and Dr. Chris and his team will answer them for you.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the program? 

About Dr. Chris Garcia

Dr. Chris Garcia is a leading authority on sports rehab with elite athletes and is a trusted mentor to many sports PTs across the country and world.

Dr. Chris Garcia, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, USAW is a nationally recognized public speaker and one of San Diego’s leading Physical Therapy specialists. For three years, Chris served as a physical therapist at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, where he treated the nation’s best athletes. Additionally, he has been an integral member of sports performance teams during the NFL Combine Training program, and served as a concierge physical therapist traveling with professional tennis players in Europe. 

Dr. Chris has over a decade of experience working with professional athletes and he has developed his unique screening assessment and system to effectively evaluate, treat and develop strength and conditioning programs for athletes. Having traveled around the world managing the care of the nation’s best athletes, Chris brings this vast experience and knowledge to help YOU keep YOUR patients training longer, harder and pain free.  

A San Diego native, Dr. Garcia received his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology and earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Washington University in St. Louis, ranked at the top 1% of the nation’s physical therapy programs. He further enhanced his treatment methodology with a 4-month clinical internship with world-renowned physical therapist, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA. Chris went on to complete a 15-month intensive sports physical therapy residency from The Ohio State University Sports Medicine Center. Chris is a board certified Sports Clinical Specialist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Advanced Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. 

Chris has presented at local, state and national conferences on sports medicine, including core stability, hip pain, sports performance, and bridging the gap between rehabilitation and return to sport. 

How I Was Handpicked as the "Best Physical Therapist" in Chula Vista 10 Years in a Row!

So here's my story:

Over ten years ago I was working for the United States Olympic Committee, treating the best athletes in the world. As I managed athletes who were injured, I quickly realized they needed to continue training and maintaining a high fitness level...despite their injury. At first, I was applying different approaches and I didn't have structure.

This led me to work closely with strength and conditioning coaches to keep athletes healthy and moving ALL YEAR long.

Once I learned the fundamentals and developed a SYSTEM, I began progressing injured athletes back to their sport with structured timelines...which led to decreased re-injury rates and accelerated recovery.

Soon after, I consulted with professional football and tennis players and I quickly realized they are ALWAYS hurt with minor acute and subacute injuries. My role was to keep them moving. I quickly applied the systems I previously used with Olympic athletes. 

I knew I was onto something.

Once I opened Sports Performance Physical Therapy, I applied these same principles and systems to local CrossFit, high school, and recreational athlete communities...

Low and behold, patients were getting significantly better. I was surprised to find out that principles that worked for professional athletes worked for my local community.

It worked! The one thing that really made a difference was using a systematic approach to managing acute injuries, creating strength and conditioning programs, and designing injury prevention strategies to bridge the gap from rehab to performance.  

Before I knew it, my treatment systems were becoming so effective that I was recognized as the "best physical therapist" in Chula Vista over the last 8 years.

I want to share the clinical pearls and strategies I have learned over the last decade working with professional athletes because I believe TOGETHER we can keep more patients exercising despite injury.

Need Help Registering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions about joining the program, please contact us here and Dr. Chris will personally reply to you.


The 8-Week Program Starts

Wednesday, January 15th, 2025


Your Next Step:

Do NOT miss this rare opportunity and special offer! Now is the time for you to take action.

Most PTs spend years, thousands of dollars, and long weekends struggling to become a "sports expert," however they rely on compartmentalized CEUs to help them put it together when, in reality, it's not possible.

The truth is that "you only know what you know." In other words, if you've never been exposed to specific settings or environments, your skillset will be limited. While some PTs take years to commit to a sports residency or SCS, I've consolidated my 14 years of practice in professional sports, a sports residency, and traveling the world as a concierge PT into this program.

In response to challenges with travel post-COVID, limited CEU budgets, and not wanting to impact your valuable weekends, I'm inviting you to spend 16 hours with me (8 weeks x 2 hours), from the comfort of your home, becoming the clinician you've always dreamed of.

If you want to make a difference in your career, I look forward to working with you and carving the path you deserve.

I'll see you in January!


Dr. Chris Garcia, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, USAW

CEO & Founder


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