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"Accelerate Your SKILLS And GROWTH in Sports PT with Direct MENTORSHIP and A COMMUNITY of Like-Minded Clinicians (...all for just $4.95)"

If you have spent time and money trying to gain the education to treat active patients but don't have the athletes on your schedule to use all your skills, you're looking for help to put it all together and work through tough cases, or you're searching for something 'more' to reignite your passion, this NEW OPPORTUNITY is perfect for you!

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Join Dr. Chris Garcia's Sports PT Academy To Improve Your Clinical Practice With The Direction You Need To Avoid Wasting More Time, Money, Or Energy...So You Can FINALLY Have The Career You've Always Dreamed Of.

Dear Sports Physical Therapist:

Before you rush to join the new Sports PT Academy, look at the list of questions below and ask yourself if any of these apply to you:

  • "I've taken the sports CEU courses, but I don't have active patients or athletes to apply the skills on"
  • "I want to see more athletes but I don't know what I'm doing wrong or where to start"
  • "I've been listening to podcasts and reading books to develop my practice, but it seems overwhelming to gain all the skills needed to be a sports PT"
  • "I've been doing this on my own and I just need someone to help me put it all together"
  • "I've put so much time and energy into developing my clinical practice...there has to be a more efficient way to do this"
  • "I've been practicing for several years and I know there has to be something more"
  • "I feel like I'm losing my passion for sports PT...I need a new challenge or change"
  • "I thought I would be further along in my career...why am I not where I want to be?"

If any of these resonate with you, you're not alone.

Most aspiring or established sports physical therapists will face these challenges throughout their careers.

Maybe you have amazing clinical skills and you work hard to help patients and athletes live healthier lifestyles, but the problem is you're just not seeing enough of them on your schedule. You know that when you have more active patients on your schedule, you'll be happy. The problem is that right now this isn't happening as much as you would like.

Or, you're tired of putting in the long hours of perfecting your practice on your own, but the problem is you haven't found a more efficient way to do it. You know what when you can do it without having to give up more nights and weekends, you'll feel refreshed and energized to help patients again.

Maybe you're stuck or bored in your setting after years of practice and you're looking for a new challenge, but the problem is you haven't been able to find it. You know that when you find the right change, you'll be EXCITED to go to work again.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you're in the same place as many other aspiring and established sports physical therapists who got into the profession to make a difference and are now wondering, "what happened?" wondering why, despite the hard work, they are not seeing enough athletes, or feeling stuck, bored, and tired of doing it on their own.

This is a harsh reality for sports physical therapists.

It's tempting to think "I'll just keep working hard and the patients I want to see will eventually show up on my schedule."

It might happen for a little while but eventually, you realize it's not happening at the rate you want.

Eventually, after a few years, you get frustrated and start looking for more courses, and more podcasts, without results.

Then, you question if this is WHY you got into the profession, if this is the career you want, and, even worse, begin losing passion for your craft.

You've made it this far in your career, but maybe there's something else, or something you're missing...

As sad as it sounds, this is where great physical therapists get stuck.

It's a tough place to be, especially if you see your peers or friends having the success you want.

You know it's possible but it's not happening to you.

You find yourself asking...

How Are These Successful Sports PT's Doing It? 

Years ago, before I worked in professional sports, I would see my peers working with more athletes than me. I saw how passionate they were at work every day.

I was taking the same continuing education courses. I went to the same conferences. I was even in the same meetings as them. I couldn't understand what was so different.

I would see them present at local events and be recognized as the "sports expert."

I wanted the skills and experiences they had but I didn't know where to start.

Mistakes Early In My Career

Early on, I realized I made three big mistakes:

  • Mistake #1: Not understanding what patients or athletes really wanted. I used to focus on manual therapy, corrective exercises, and patient education. I thought this was the only route to help them get back to sport.
  • Mistake #2: Trying to do everything on my own even if I didn't have all the skills. I was stubborn and was the "let's see how it goes" PT.
  • Mistake #3: I kept repeating mistakes #1 and #2 and felt stuck, tired, and burnt out.

Luckily, I found mentors who helped me see the big picture on how to truly treat athletes and stop trying to do it all on my own.

Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, I found people who were doing it right and I just did what they told me and modeled what they did.

I realized this was the fastest way to be successful.

Why reinvent the wheel when it's so time-consuming and exhausting?

Modeling success after mentors who've already done it is key.

But the problem is finding a mentor you need in the first place!

Mentorship To Help You Put It All Together

Over the last few years, I've had the pleasure to help aspiring and established sports PTs become experts in sports physical therapy within their respective communities.

These physical therapists have accelerated their careers in sports physical therapy with regular feedback and mentorship.

It's not that they work harder than you...it's that they are implementing what is working NOW, which gives them a HUGE advantage over their peers.

Instead of making things up or wasting more time on podcasts or books with things that don't work, they're getting direct feedback, taking what works, and getting better outcomes because of it.

It's a simple strategy and equation that all sports PTs can implement...even if you're a new grad or experienced clinician with 20 years of experience.

It's never too late, or too early, to develop the skillset to manage all aspects of athlete management, including acute injury management, sports rehab, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning.

Welcome To Dr. Chris Garcia's Sports PT Academy

This is why I created the Sports PT Academy.

It's an exclusive community of aspiring and established sports physical therapists all dedicated to improving their clinical practice using proven strategies...and willing to share those same strategies with everyone who is in it.

I'll share with you the rehab strategies that have helped sports PTs successfully manage elite athletes - some of them are now working in professional sports teams.

You may not want to work in pro sports...and that's okay. Not everyone in the Academy does. But I'm confident you would be happy knowing what is working so that if you have athletes on your schedule, you what mistakes to avoid.

That's why the main goal of the Academy is to share the latest and best practice strategies for active patients and athletes every single month and help you implement them inside your clinic.

Who Is It For?

The Sports PT Academy is designed specifically for aspiring and established sports physical therapists or physical therapy assistants who feel they could use a little more help and direction when it comes to implementing what works. This mentorship program is perfect for you if...

  • You have spent time and money trying to gain the education to treat active patients but don't have the athletes on your schedule to use all your skills.
  • You are looking for help to put it all together.
  • You are searching for something 'more' to reignite your passion.
  • You've starting to think that manual therapy or fancy corrective exercises are not enough to get the outcomes you hoped for.
  • You're frustrated or somewhat burnt out about spending more time, money, or energy on podcasts or courses, but you're still looking for more information.
  • You're bored doing the same rehab protocols, stuck treating the same way for years, and fearful of losing your passion.
  • You work in traditional insurance-based ortho/sports, collegiate or pro sports, or a cash-based setting, and you want to gain the tools and skills to be the leading sports specialists in your community.

Get Fresh, New Ideas On Sports Rehab And Athletic Performance Every Month

This is all about exposing you to what other sports physical therapists are doing so that you can do the same.

It's all about giving you access to what the top sports physical therapists around the world are doing with rehab and performance to work with more athletes and maximize outcomes...so that you can copy from them to get similar results with athletes in your community.

If you're hesitant to spend money on more clinical education, this is the perfect place to learn so that you can feel more confident about what you really need to develop your craft.

Ultimately, the Academy is about providing you with thousands of dollars worth of tools and resources so you don't have to worry about working with athletes or putting it all together.

How The Academy Works...

Each month, we cover in-depth rehab strategies, case studies, and progressions to give you the processes and checklists to implement in your practice.

We break down cases in such a way that you're able to not just learn from it, but then implement it.

That means that if you're not 100% certain about what to do for specific rehab cases, you can copy directly from someone who is having a high level of success.

Here's What You Get With Your Membership

The Academy was created to help solve your biggest challenges and is one of the best decisions you will make in your professional career.

Here's an overview of everything you will be getting for the small amount it costs to remain a member. You will be pleasantly surprised at the incredible resources and tools included:

1. Live monthly group mentorship calls with Dr. Chris Garcia and his team

Every month you'll get access to me where I can personally coach you on sports rehab and answer your most pressing questions. Each month I'll break down at least one case study and we'll answer your questions to ensure that you can implement in the clinic that week. (If you can't make it live, you'll get access to the replay sent to you the next day so you can't miss it.)

2. Ongoing Support From Dr. Chris Garcia and his team

What makes this Academy REALLY different is we give you ongoing support and mentoring in between the monthly calls. If questions come up between calls, post your question in the forum for the group to try to answer, and I will personally answer it as well. We'll help you prioritize your skills and hold you accountable for achieving something big every month.

3. Access to the private members website

Here you can listen back to all the replays of all previous mentorship calls plus access other, new, constantly updated resources and trainings we'll be giving you during your membership.

4. Access to the exclusive online "Dr. Chris Garcia" community

This is for members only and you can benefit from ideas and resources that are openly shared in the private Facebook community by members.

5. Discounts on future Dr. Chris Garcia programs, courses, seminars, and events

We want your membership in the "Dr. Chris Garcia" community to essentially be FREE! We'll do that by ensuring you get discounts on future programs we offer.

As you can see we're holding nothing back. We are dedicated to your success. I'm giving you all the things I wished I'd had when I first started practicing.

Why I Created The Sports PT Academy...

I could tell you that I created the Academy to bring the best aspiring and established sports physical therapists together.

And I could even tell you that I create it to make sure you don't waste time on clinical education that doesn't work.

And I could also say that I created it to show you what other successful sports physical therapists are doing in their practice to give you inspiration and ideas to model.

While all of those things are important, in the end, I created the Sports PT Academy to give you access to all of the things that I wished I has access to when I first started in sports physical therapy.

If I had access to everything I have today it would have made my life so much easier!

And that's what I want to do for you...make it easy for you to successfully manage athletes and enjoy a fantastic career.

Whether it is helping you create a new strength and conditioning program or navigate a complex case, this is perfect for you.

Never Get Stuck For Sports Rehab Ideas...Ever Again!

The Academy is designed to solve your biggest challenge...your LACK OF ACCESS to sports rehab strategies that work!

I've thought back to my early years in clinical practice and considered all of the things I didn't have that I really needed...and I've combined them all into the Academy.

Whether it is a strength and conditioning template to work from...

Mentorship to talk through a specific case each month...

Or, access to OTHER sports physical therapists and their rehab ideas...we're giving it to you.

And from that, you'll get the DIRECTION and the CONFIDENCE to FINALLY start managing athletes with a comprehensive approach.

Get Into Dr. Chris Garcia's Sports PT Academy NOW...Before The Price Rise!

The total value of the Academy is over $547 per month.

However, the actual fee to join the Academy and get access to all of this is just $397 per month.

But it gets even better:

For the first 100 people who join Dr. Chris Garcia's new Academy, you can get in for just $197 per month (billed every 30 days).

Note: after the first 100 people sign up, the price will rise to $297, but if you sign up now, for just $197, you will lock in that low price for your membership in the Academy.

So, if you want to lock in the lowest price, currently at just $197, for your membership in the Academy, you need to act NOW.

Start With A Trial

It Gets Better - "Trial" The Program For Two Months!

You can enroll in the Academy with a 60-day trial that will cost you $4.95...

That means for the first 60 days, your membership in the Academy is going to cost you just $4.95 if you enroll today and you'll receive all of the amazing benefits described above (and you will not be billed again for 60 days).

After the 60-day trial, you will be billed at the lowest rate of $197...and the best news is that there is no contract to join the Academy. You can easily cancel at any time.

The Academy Recap

Here's how this is going to work:

  • You are going to get fresh new ideas on clinical strategies every month
  • You get access to the exclusive online Facebook community
  • The normal fee is $397 per month - but if you're one of the first 100 people to enroll, the price of your membership will be just $197 for the duration of it.
  • You will be billed every 30 days and you are not in a contract meaning you can easily cancel at any time...
  • To activate your membership today will cost you just $4.95 and you will receive a 60-day trial in the Academy before being billed the $197 monthly rate.
  • That means $4.95 is paid today and you will not be billed again until 60 days from now (and then every 30 days after that or until you cancel).

What It Is Like Working Closely With Dr. Chris Garcia

If you're still sitting on the fence about enrolling, here's what a few physical therapists have to say about what is is like working closely with Dr. Chris Garcia in his mentorship courses and programs.

"The best part of Dr. Chris's online program is the format. You really get a chance to absorb what you learned and put things into practice right away. It's by far the best distance learning course I've ever taken and one of the top three continuing education courses I've ever taken in 25 years of practice."

-Andy, Sports Physical Therapist with 25 years of experience

"I've always liked and appreciated how Dr. Chris approaches explaining treatment and planning. I took his online program to learn how to better explain and frame how I approach athletes being a PT/ATC."

-Kristy, Sports Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer in D1 Collegiate Athletics

"It's been incredible learning from Dr. Chris's online program. I've honestly never learned this much, this fast ever in my career. I feel so much more comfortable and confident that I can now help athletes (and their parents or coaches) with a roadmap to recovery. I wish I take all my clinical education with him."

-Sophia, Sports Physical Therapist

"I've learned how to be better prepared to help my patients as soon as they get injured, but, even better, I really learned how to refine my timelines for both rehab and performance programming. Wherever you are in your career, there is a wealth of material and challenge in Dr. Chris's programs...and I highly recommend them!"

-Jenny, Sports Physical Therapist

"I've solidified my background in acute injury management, plyometrics, and strength and conditioning programming. Dr. Chris's program has helped me in my professional career to be able to make that leap into sports PT."

-Brandon, Sports Physical Therapist

"I've been able to take a comprehensive approach to treat athletes. I'm now able to get athletes pain-free and transition them to high performance. Dr. Chris's course is way beyond a strength and conditioning book and has helped me bridge the gap between the rehab phase and return to sport at an elite level."

-Katie, Sports Physical Therapist

"I am driven to pursue a sports clinical residency following graduation from my physical therapy program. In order to succeed in this specific field, I want to learn from the best. I've gained knowledge on how to build a program for an athlete based on their sport, current injury/condition, and/or personal goals. Learning how to individualize a strength and conditioning program is an ability I now have in my career."

-Anthony, 2nd Year PT Student

"I've been able to improve my strength & conditioning design and be proactive vs reactive when athletes return saying they 'feel great' but would benefit from advanced programming to take them to the next level."

-Luke, Sports Physical Therapist

"I've been able to pair the physiological process of strengthening and conditioning with an appropriate timeline and gained insights that I can use to progress myself as well as my patients in their strength and conditioning goals."

-Chris, Physical Therapist

"I've improved my process in managing an athlete for a longer period of time than the initial 6-12 weeks where traditional PT stops. Now, I'm able to better verbalize my own process so I can explain it more clearly to athletes and also other providers."

-Jason, Sports Physical Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Chris Garcia's Sports PT Academy

Q. If I sign up for the 60-day trial, what is my commitment to the program? 

  • A. You are only committed for as long as your like. You may cancel the program at any time and incur no penalties or fees. I believe the quality of the material will cause you to want to stay a client forever.

Q. I've already purchased the Sports PT Kickstarter, Accelerator, and Summit...how is the Academy different?


  • A. The Kickstarter, Accelerator, and Summit are continued education courses and are designed to give you the fundamental strategies and tools you need to build a solid foundation to approach active patients and athletes. However, I received many requests from clinicians for some type of affordable mentorship to help them further their education and skills in sports rehab and athletic performance and provide ongoing encouragement and direction. That is when I decided to launch the Academy mentorship group. This program is designed to give sports PTs three things:

  • A steady flow of new ideas, more tools to your toolbox, and training to become a true sports expert. No one becomes a sports specialist overnight...and that's why this program is important to your success. The regular flow of new ideas and strategies, as well as the success stories of other motivated sports physical therapists in the community, will encourage and inspire you.
  • Sports rehab updates and specific examples of what's working for other sports physical therapists right NOW. My goal is to help you capitalize on the latest trends and newest opportunities.
  • If nothing else, this mentorship program will serve as a monthly "kick in the pants" reminder to keep pushing, stay focused on professional development, and keep striving to be the sports expert in your community!

Q. What if I can't afford it (...I am broke)?

  • A. I've encountered a lot of people in the profession who think, "If I was in a better job or different setting or scenario, I would have no problem investing some money into this kind of program."

But the truth is, successful physical therapists have the recognition and experience because they invest in learning and growing their skills. Not the other way around.

Q. What if I'm too busy right now to implement all the strategies I've already got from you...should I wait to join the Academy?

  • A. That is THE worst decision you could make! You don't have to implement every single thing I give or teach you to see the value of the membership. The reason I include so much material in my mentorship courses and programs is that different physical therapists will see value in different benefits.

For example, many members will LOVE the monthly Q/A calls with me, some members will value the opportunity to work with my team, and others will remain a member JUST to be part of the Facebook community!

Q. I don't see a lot of athletes yet - is this right for me?

  • A. Some of the physical therapists I mentor joined when they were "thinking" of specializing in sports PT. The encouragement and motivation they've received from my consistent mentorship pushed them in the right direction faster and with much more success.

If you're planning on seeing more athletes, you NEED to be in this group...and one of the reasons we made the membership fee so low is to make it easy for you to join!

Q. I don't have time for more personal development. 

  • A. You don't understand (yet) that you lack time because you're wasting time on the wrong things. You don't need to read more articles on knee or back pain. Instead, you need to work on developing comprehensive programs that reduce the strain on the athlete and reduce knee pain at the same time. The big leap in success occurs when a clinician shifts from thinking of him/her as a "PT" in the clinic, to the "healthcare provider" who happens to work in the clinic...but can help on the field AND in the weight room.

Q. I'm new to sports PT and need more experience before I start this program...or I'm an established PT and I need more advanced training that this program can offer

  • A. If you're new to sports PT, you will streamline the process by enrolling in the program sooner and learning the fundamentals. If you're an established clinician, you will also get additional help or support from me on the monthly LIVE mentoring call for you to ask more advanced questions and get immediate feedback to implement in your clinic quickly.

Q. What if I work, have other commitments, or can't attend every monthly online call?

  • A. You will be able to watch the replays of online calls in your Sports PT membership portal.

Q. What if I have questions in-between the monthly calls?

  • A. You can ask them in the private group forum and Dr. Chris and his team will answer them for you.

Q. Do I receive CEUs for enrolling in the Academy?

  • A. No. The Academy is an educational experience and is not your typical course. It’s a mentorship program perfect for aspiring and established sports physical therapists who are looking for something beyond traditional courses.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the program? 

Need Help Registering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions about joining the Academy, please contact us here and Dr. Chris and his team will personally reply to you.


Enrollment For The Academy Is Now Available...


Sign Up Before You Miss Out On The Next Class...

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Membership of the Academy is just $397 $197 per month if you enroll today. Go ahead and start with your 60-day trial for $4.95 - and try it out for yourself.

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Do NOT miss this rare opportunity and special offer! Now is the time for you to take action.

Most PTs spend years, thousands of dollars, and long weekends struggling to become a "sports expert," however they rely on compartmentalized CEU courses to help them put it together when, in reality, it's not possible.

The truth is that "you only know what you know." In other words, if you've never been exposed to specific settings or environments, your skillset will be limited. While some PTs take years to commit to a sports residency or SCS, I've consolidated my 14 years of practice in professional sports, a sports residency, and traveling the world as a concierge PT into the Academy.

I'm inviting you to meet virtually with me monthly, from the comfort of your home, becoming the clinician you've always dreamed of.

If you want to make a difference in your career, I look forward to working with you in the Academy and carving the path you deserve.


Dr. Chris Garcia, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, USAW

CEO & Founder

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